Modern Cloud Solutions with Flexible Staffing Options


Having the right technical resources and expertise for your Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration projects is critical to success.  However,  "the right technical resources" can be impossible to find, expensive and in some cases hard to keep.

We normally address this issue by managing the entire project and providing "Fixed Price" bids delivered by technology experts that you may not normally be able to bring on full time.  You get what you need for a price that fits your budget.

However, if you would prefer to augment your current staff and maybe manage projects yourself,  our flexible staffing solutions enable you to gain access to experienced professionals for a pre-set amount of time with the specific skill sets for your exact needs.

This option enables you to meet enterprise delivery expectations while freeing your critical staff to  concentrate on supporting ongoing business requirements and less on worrying about whether you have the right people on the team.

Our team of technical professionals have have decades of experience designing and implementation cloud solutions leveraging ServiceNow, Salesforce, .Net, Java, Oracle, SQLServer and many of today's top cloud technologies and platforms. 

We can quickly deliver you the talent you need, at a price you can afford, no matter your project or scope.